Modern West Coast Homes. Classic Nature.

A Remarkable New Community in West Vancouver’s
Eagle Harbour Neighbourhood.

Those who live in Eagle Harbour understand the numerous benefits that the community offers. There is easy access to beaches, marinas, forest trails, mountains and lakes all while being only minutes to a variety of amenities including schools, shops and services.

Aquila is an infill development just under 5 acres. It is bordered by the CN Railway, Westport Road, Eagle Creek and the rear of the homes that are accessed off Daffodil Lane and Cranley Drive. As it is an infill development, we strive to ensure that large green buffers will be provided to the neighbouring homes through park and wetland dedication. In fact, 1/3 of the entire property will functionas green buffers.

Prior to the residents of West Vancouver stating how they wanted the community developed and ultimately a new Official Community Plan (OCP) being enacted in 2018, a development of this property was approved. Such development entailed subdividing the property into 10 large lots. This previously approved development goes against virtually all aspects of the OCP. That is, the OCP clearly states that large expensive homes on large lots catering to the elite are not what West Vancouver needs or wants. Homes built in the “missing middle” market segment is what West Vancouver needs; homes that allow familiesand downsizers to stay in West Vancouver.

Eagle Harbour is the ideal site in West Vancouver for this “missing middle” development. Families can stroll down to Eagle Harbour beach or go for a walk on the highly coveted Sea View walk, while retirees spend their time golfing at Gleneagles Golf Course or enjoying their time at the various marinas or yacht clubs.

Yes, there is no question that Eagle harbour is the perfect location for Aquila and West Vancouver’s “missing middle” housing. Due to the broad market (young families to downsizers) that Aquila is striving to accommodate, diverse housing types and sizes are required. Aquila is proposing to offer 3 and 4 bedrooms homes with duplex and attached format ranging in size from 1300 to 2400 sqft. Additionally, many of the larger homes have been designed to accommodate 1 and 2 bedroom suites.

In creating the new plan for this property, we have worked with West Vancouver to develop a plan where the nucleus for such development is West Vancouver’s OCP. We have in turn worked diligently with Formwerks Architects to create the housing type that the OCP is asking for, while recognizing that density in an infill development is something that requires the utmost care and attention. In keeping with this notion, the density is by far the lowest of any recently approved or proposed multi family development in West Vancouver with a floor area ratio of only 0.52 and a total of 67 homes.

The Harper family, the owners of Sterling Pacific Developments, reside in the area and have put fourth a plan that they are proud of; a plan that they believe fits into their neighbourhood and only serves to enhance the neighbourhoods already excellent character.