Modern West Coast Homes. Classic Nature.

A Remarkable New Community in West Vancouver’s
Eagle Harbour Neighbourhood.

Sterling Pacific Developments, Dave and Jamie Harper, are submitting this rezoning and development permit application to build a diverse mix of much needed, smaller and more affordable housing that is severely lacking in West Vancouver.

This development is known as Aquila.

This development will take place on the following property properties

  • Lot C Plan VAP3355 District Lot 1374 Land District 1 Land District 36 (REF PL), EXC PT IN REF PL VAP11716
  • Lot D Plan VAP3355 District Lot 1374 Land District 1 Land District 36 (REF PL)

These two properties currently do not have a civic address however both are adjacent to 5665 Daffodil Drive.

Following the adoption of the Official Community Plan, Sterling Pacific is submitting this rezoning application to address the objectives and needs as set out in the OCP.

Location and Site Description

The site on which Aquila is proposed is located in the community of Eagle Harbour on an undeveloped site. The site is bordered by Eagle Creek to the South, Westport Road to the East, CN Rail to the North and an environmental creek rehabilitation area followed by the homes accessed off Cranley Drive to the West.

There is no current use on the site. A gravel driveway leads through the site to access 5665 Daffodil Drive. This gravel driveway currently impedes a tributary of Eagle Creek and if approved, this gravel driveway will be removed and this area will be rehabilitated and placed under protection.

The overall site area is 194,073 Square feet, making it one of the largest sites south of Highway 99.

The site has two access points to allow the division of traffic flows, one being located on Westport Drive and the other being located on Daffodil Drive. Under the proposal, 12 semi-detached homes will utilize the Westport access and 24 semi-detached homes will utilize the Daffodil entrance.

Intent and Proposal

The existing bare land is zoned RS10 and has been approved to be subdivided into 10 lots. Even under West Vancouver’s recently revised zoning, these lots could accommodate homes in excess of 9000 square feet commanding market values of well beyond $5,000,000.

The proposal recognizes the need to provide alternate forms of housing in order to increase the Missing Middle housing stock and allow West Vancouver to continue to thrive. In this regard this proposal has utilized mainly Semi-Detached Housing form and is proposing home sizes ranging from 2100 sqft to 3800 sqft with market values ranging from $1,400,000 to $2,300,000.

The proposal encompasses 17 semi-detached buildings (34 homes) and 2 single family homes.

The proposal utilizes both semi-detached housing forms and single family as it was pivotal that the design fits within the site. Furthermore, each and every building has been custom designed in order to ensure perfect “fit” within the site context; each and every building has been tweaked and worked in order to ensure the best fit and least amount of negative impact.

In order to realize the objectives as outlined in the Official Community Plan of increased diversity of housing options and expanding the Missing Middle housing, the site must be rezoned.

Rezoning Rationale

Aquila is a rare opportunity to meet the Official Community Plan objectives while having negligible negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

Aquila is one of the largest sites in all of West Vancouver, it is along the Marine Drive Transit Corridor as defined in the Official Community Plan and has very large degrees of separation to the neighbours. The 5 neighbours along the property lines of the site are separated by not only the standard setbacks as defined by West Vancouver bylaw, but also large, dedicated environmental rehabilitation. Simply put, Aquila is to be built on a unique site, something that cannot be replicated again in West Vancouver. Nestled between two bordering creeks, CN Rail and Westport Road; no site south of the highway has similar size or degrees of separation to existing neighbouring homes.

Community Benefits

  • New outdoor adventure playground along Eagle Creek
  • New Community Access Trail connecting Daffodil Drive to Westport Road
  • Environmental rehabilitation to a tributary of Eagle Creek
  • Funding for lighted crosswalk across Marine Drive
  • Funding for Eagle Harbour Beach enhancements
  • Homes built to Step Code 5 resulting in less than half of the Green House Gases being expelled over the currently allowed homes
  • Increased housing opportunities for younger families and downsizers alike
  • Reduced construction timeframe from 15 years to 3 years
  • Increased cohesion of design by having one development scheme rather than 10 individual homes
  • Greater community input on design process through review processes such as the Design Review Committee

Pre Application Public Engagement

Sterling Pacific hosted an outdoor Public Information Meeting on July 27 2020 and a second meeting on Dec 10 2020 via zoom. Both meetings were well attended with about 60 attendees each. The meetings both were heavily publicized by ways of an ad in the North Shore News, direct mailers to the surrounding neighbours and mailings delivered via Canada Post to 780 homes.

There are many supporters of Aquila however the negative comments that were voiced were largely attributed to the increase in number of homes and congestion/traffic in the surrounding areas.

At the July 27th meeting we had proposed a development of 67 homes. At the Dec 10 meeting we proposed 53 homes.

We have heard the community and have adjusted our proposal to include 17 semi-detached buildings (34 homes) and 2 single family homes for a total of 36 homes.

We now have a site coverage of 20.48%, far below the allowable 30% under RS10 bylaw and a Floor Area Ratio of 37.8%, a mere 2.8% above RS10 bylaw.

Design Narrative

The project draws from its unique context, nestled into the forested slopes between creeks, railways and arterial roads. The design responds to the natural context in that each and every aspect of the buildings are custom designed. No two homes are alike. Each and every face of the building is unique in order to provide maximum fit within the site.


Aquila brings new meaning to sustainable building practices that are not normally seen in West Vancouver. Aquila will contribute 4.3 tonnes of Green House Gases (GHG) per year compared to 14 tonnes that the currently approved 10 homes would emit. Simply stated, Aquila will cut down on GHG emitted to the atmosphere by over 71%.


Aquila is a development that is unique and something that is lacking in West Vancouver. West Vancouver needs options for young families and “downsizers” alike; people that will bring new and welcomed energy to neighbourhoods. Aquila is to be built on an unique site, something that cannot be replicated again in West Vancouver. Nestled between two bordering creeks, CN Rail and Westport Road; no site south of the highway has similar size or degrees of separation to existing neighbouring homes.

We look forward to working with the District of West Vancouver and the entire community of West Vancouver to help bring this much needed and special addition to West Vancouver.