Sterling Pacific Developments, a local father and son company dedicated to crafting exceptional family homes on the North Shore.

Dave and Jamie Harper, the owners of Sterling Pacific, have over 30 years of success in the speculative building market where homes are built to be sold. The speculative building market is a market where you not only have to build quality homes but also homes that the local market demands in terms of design and price.

Dave and his wife, Ronda, were both raised in North Vancouver and when married quickly realized that West Vancouver was where they wanted to raise their family and have resided in West Van for over 38 years. Jamie and his wife, Rachael, now also reside in West Vancouver and have recently welcomed two sons, Ayden and Logan, into the family. As outdoor enthusiasts, the Harper family could not fathom raising their family in any other community; the local beaches, trail networks, ski hills and rivers are utilized on a near daily basis.

Sterling Pacific has built over 50 single-family homes and remains a tight knit family company focused on exceptional quality and customer service. Sterling Pacific will continue to build homes that fill a void in West Vancouver’s family dynamics and homes that add to West Vancouver’s unique architectural appeal.


Formwerks Architectural


Formwerks Architectural is a full service design house that possesses a portfolio of over 600 custom single-family homes and 2500 townhomes.

Our international portfolio of single-family, multi-family, commercial and destination properties bear the classic ideology of elegance in architectural form, standing apart without pretence.

Fuelled by a desire to create homes that embody architectural and design integrity, we take pride in authenticity – exercising a mindfulness to quality, a responsibility to homeowners and the community as a whole.


CREUS Engineering

Civil Engineer

CREUS is an established civil engineering company that strives to use the best knowledge, experience, technology and creativity to provide solutions to real-world development issues.

We have extensive background in working through British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, the North Shore, Metro Vancouver, the Sea to Sky corridor and the Fraser Valley.


Howes Technical Advantage

Traffic engineer

Howes Technical Advantage Ltd. (HTA) provides transportation consulting services to clients situated in the Lower Mainland and beyond. Established in October 2010, the services primarily focus on strategic planning, peer reviews, conceptual design, traffic impact studies, parking assessment, project management, alternative transportation mode studies, traffic management plans and technical advice. HTA provides a variety of services directly to clients or through collaboration with larger companies.

We pride ourselves in building and maintaining relationships by providing clients with value added services. Our participation is viewed as an extension of the client’s team and provides timely, cost effective services where needed. The spectrum of clients range from municipalities to private sector companies.


Sartori Environmental

Environmental Professional

Sartori Environmental was founded in 1987 by Alex Sartori. Since that time we have provided a wide array of environmental consulting services for government, industry, land, resource and recreational development, transportation, and energy proponents. Since its founding, Sartori Environmental has grown conservatively while fostering a commitment to providing the highest quality representation.

At Sartori Environmental, we believe responsible corporate and environmental practices are intrinsic to our business operations, and critical to the success of our projects. We work within the communities we live, and our collective knowledge as residents and environmental professionals gives us first-hand insight into the complex environmental, political and social conditions that govern development within our region. Through the experiences of our qualified and personable staff, we have developed policies, strategies and processes that consider our responsibility to each other, our partners and clients, and the environment. We believe that the environment is everyone’s responsibility, be it an individual, corporation or small business such as ours.


Chapman Land Surveying

Land Surveyor

Chapman has been surveying in British Columbia since 1906 and specializes in all areas of surveying. “Surveying is the art of interpretation of the ‘lay of the land’ that only a professional surveyor can offer” At Chapman’s, we enjoy the privilege and the challenge.